Imperial Game Engine 2- academicall class of an game engine
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December 2020

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[Log]ImperialGameEngine2.18.13 Empty [Log]ImperialGameEngine2.18.13

Post by thekohedlo on Mon Oct 19, 2020 10:28 pm


Imperial Game Engine 2.18.13

[New] CoffeeBreakStudio, Create 'Box' shape!

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.12

[New] CoffeeBreakStudio, 3D Enabled!

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.11

[New] MapManager, 1d Demensionall qubit*- quant injection. (For example: bmw, or porshe =400 horse-powers)

*1 quant-bit = power CPUs of all American continent! 1Bit- power of 1 modern i7 CPU;

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.10

[BugFixing] SkriLink, NewProject banner missing.
[BugFixing] Eitor Initialization with NULL Project crash.

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.9


Imperial Game Engine 2.18.8

[BugFixing] AniTEManager, missing pause/stop for "SoundPlayer.iat"
[BugFixing] AniTE, small view wo symmetry.
[removed] CustomPreference.ifn read/write text script bindings.
[New] AniTE, key-detaill-info.
[New] AniTE, new key-brushes.
[BugFixing] AniTE, Continue treated as Start.
[New] AniTE, SoundPlayer.iat key "volime".

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.7

[BugFixing] SkriLink, Plugin_AudioEngine_OpenAL prelisten crash.
[BugFixing] LawMaker, Open custom '*.i_anite' crash.
[BugFixing] Plugin_AudioEngine_wxWidgets, plugin have crash.

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.6

[New] SkriLink, 'Update Preview' for *.i_scene.
[New] Axon, Update Preview' when Save *.i_scene.
[New] Axon, when Save *.i_scene, save editor mode.
[BugFixing] SkriLink, crash of new *.i_scene.
[BugFixing] SkriLink, crash of import *.wav; *.ogg.
[New] LawMaker, operation:"Paste SkriLink selected script Title into str_value_1".

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.5

[New] Axon, IWorld interface.
[New] Axon, IScene interface.
[Removed] PostInitEngine(), Creating Test map.
[New] SkriLink, 'Create Project' also have basic *.i_scene.
[BugFixing] SkriLink, FarView assets titles render uncorrect.
[New] Axon, Save *.i_scene as progressive template.

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.4

[New] LawMaker, *.i_preview generator.
[New] AniTE, *.i_preview generator.

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.3 ('Rooster explosion").

[BugFixing] SkriLink open imported resource after resource importing.
[BugFixing] SecondLight, no visible selected article header.
[New] SecondLight, ENG Articles.
[New] BestBarViewer, Preferences, Texture scaling, Texture Saving, Operation-Action: Generate Normal-Map from The Originall.
[New] LiveSilver, shader-material editor;
[New] FliteCube, audio editor;
[BugFixing] SkriLink, import resources crash.
[BugFixing] SkriLink, deleting originall after import resource.
[New] SkriLink, exporter of resource from package;

Imperial Game Engine 2.18.2

[BugFixing] SkriLink unoptimised very close move mode;
[Testing] LawMaker x1000000 far away mode;
[BugFixing] SecondLight unselected article name;
[BugFixing] Multiplayer RakNet plugin initialisation it start servers/ clients;
[New] SkriLink auio PreListen/StopPreListen in plugin Plugin_AudioEngine_wxWidgets;
[New] Axon, a Console Account;
[BugFixing] Editor starting unoptimized;
[BugFixing] LawMaker no-visible debug-highlighting;
[BugFixing] LawMaker no authomathic recompilation at debug mode, open script;
[New] LawMaker language::DoubleSwitch.ifn;
[BugFixing] When Anite run/pause/stop/reverse,- flowscript lack activation;
[New] LawMaker Chinema::AniTEPlayer.ifn - fifth mode 'continue/pioneer/forward/back/memory/forgot' to 'play/pause/stiop/reverse' and events "played/paused/stopped/reversed";
[New] Anite, 8 key-brush types;
[New] LawMaker language::Impulse.ifn;
[BugFixing] AniTE RemiteVariable.iat;
[BugFixing] LawMaker Actions/Function.ifn::Window\SetBackgroundColour();
[New] AniTE Key-Compiller;
[New] AniTE Chinematic Renderer v2 released;

Imperial Game Engine 2.18 [vetsion subtitle: 'an Secondary Golden-visit']

[BugFixing] SkriLink unoptimised very close move mode;
[New] *.jpg textures Previews after SkriLink:ImportResource function;
[New] Preference: 'set preview pillats count'; Skrilink, CfgManager,Engine.i_configuration::short_skrilink_previews_pillars;
[New] BestBarViewer- an texture-asset editor;
[BugFixing] w/o clearing an editor temporary directory;
[New] SecondLight/Reference working with *.rtf (multilanguagual), *.gif(silent animable);
[BugFixing] SkriLink windows only throught an arabic style;
[BugFixing] SkriLink import file with uncorrect *.i_preview;

Imperial Game Engine 2.17.2 [vetsion subtitle: 'an Golden-visit']
[BugFixing] SkriLink Previews size optimised from 256x256 to 128x128;
[BugFixing] AniTE keyline extending crash;
[BugFixing] SkriLink package parsing pause; No-Logging about ading previews into a resource browser desc;
[BugFixing] AniTE keyline extending- need reselect track in timeline-list;
[BugFixing] Axon lack visiblity Editors Buttons texts;


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