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June 2021

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[Preparing]Imperial Game Engine EmptyThu Dec 31, 2020 12:49 am by thekohedlo

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Post by thekohedlo Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:55 am

Imperial Game Engine
[Reformed] IGE2 directory structure, that simplyfied in

6 main sub-directories;
[Reformed] The Exposer tool, now simple[example of

standarts]; Was  removed 'cancered-gui; Added main an

gameengine quick preferences; Added manual loading a

project expositional article, that can contain pictures,

text explanations, audio, and even short-vieo fragments;
[Reformed] Axon [Axionometrical Scene Editor] have new

unlimited viewport construction mode;
[Reformed] SkriLink(Resource Browser) have new

constructor/importer architecture; Sublimated resource-

list-table, and other unsufficient design;
[Reformed] FlowGraph script and LawMaker Editor;
[Reformed] AniTE animation system, simplyfied to one

universall track-workspace immagination;
[Reformed] Now 'Documentation Viewer' is simple, but

support multilanguage localisation feature;
[Reformed] The Splash start tool, now go, not only

picture, but support all media features, and even sctipt

[Reformed] DirectoryManager folders modes for parserer functions; Modes subjectet to ConfigurationManager; Access to fm throught simple Exposer tool;


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